Omo Sebua Hilinawalo Mazino, Traces of Hidden Civilization in South Nias

It takes 30 minutes from the main road through winding, steep and narrow roads to reach this village on Puncak Bukit. A village that is 7 (seven) generations old with Omo Sebua (the King's House) standing firmly at the end, with a jumping stone in front of it which is a characteristic of traditional villages in South Nias. This village is called Hilinawalo Mazino, with an area of 8.5 Km² in the Mazino sub-district which has 22 traditional houses that still survive and are hidden deep on a hill whose access can be found before reaching the peak of Genasi in South Nias. Omo Sebua with his big pillars still stands tall with remnants of his past glory still plastered on every carving on the walls.

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