Go Nias Tours, in collaboration with Gheesuke English Academy and Yayasan Terang Nias Ehowu, encourage travellers to spend some time with locals teaching English.


Take time out from your next adventure and help experience another side of travel by volunteering to teach English at the Gheesuke English Academy.

Native or proficient English speakers are always welcome for an hour, a day, or even a month, to spend time with our students and train their ear to hear a new accent.

Curriculum is set and worksheets are provided so you can hit the ground running, but if you've got your own lesson plan or lecture you want to hit us with, even better!


Established to advance Nias Island through the power of education.

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Interact with Locals

Take time away from the tourist trail and meet some locals. Find out more aobut their lives as you work to improve their English skills.

Experience all of Nias

With Go Nias Tours and especially Java at your service, you'll be able to find out all the secret hidden gems of Nias Island that they don't put in the guidebook.

No Time Too Short

Coming to Nias Island for a surfing week at Soroake? No problem, if you've got a couple of hours we'd love you to come down and speak with our students .