Stretching for 4km, Moale Beach the longest on mainland Nias Island. With white sand like marble it is easily one of the most beautiful.


Mo'ale is truly a beautiful beach, the longest with white sand like marble on the mainland of Nias Island. The 4 km stretch of beach is located in O'ou Subdistrict, South Nias, located 53.4 km from the city center of Teluk Dalam or with a travel time of 1.5 hours.

This exotic beach is directly facing the Indian Ocean, so it is not wrong if the big waves roll up and have several spots that can be used for surfing. Apart from its white sandy beaches, Moale Beach has a nice landscape and is perfect for taking pictures or also relaxing while watching the sunset. Rows of coconut trees on the beach and green hills in the distance add to the beauty of the beach that is included in the South Nias Regency.

This beach is always crowded on Sundays by both local and foreign tourists. Visitors can enjoy the freshness of young coconut water and also grilled fish and other food, there are residents' lodges that are open every Sunday. Unfortunately, visitors are not advised to swim on this beach because of the large waves and strong currents.