Dubbed 'Paradise' by locals, this tiny, pristine island off the west coast seduces all who come with its great waves, white sands, delicious seafood and relaxing vibes.


Asu Island is often dubbed The Paradise in Nias Island because the island which is only ± 18 Km square has a very beautiful charm that can make people visiting this place feel at home and want to stay longer.

Asu Island is located on the western side of the mainland of Nias Island and is directly facing the Indian Ocean, has waves that are good for surfing on the west side and soft white sandy beaches with crystal clear sea water that looks like Tosca blue from a distance. The beauty of coral reefs and colorful fish with its various sizes is one of the attractions for lovers of snorkeling and freediving. There are several spots that present beautiful views of coral reefs that can be explored on this island.

In addition to the charm of the beach and the underwater, Asu Island also presents the beauty of the sunrise and sunset that can be enjoyed at the same time on this beautiful island. It only takes 30 minutes on foot from the east side to the west side of the island. 

There are 1 resorts (Puri Asu Resort), 2 surf camps (Asu Camp and Sozinho Surf Lodge), and 1 cottage (Ina Silvy Cottage) that can pamper visitors to tour Asu Island.  

This Asu Island is part of the Hinako Islands group in West Nias. It can be reached for 2 hours 45 minutes (2 hours drive from Gunungsitoli to Sirombu and a 45 minute speed boat ride from Sirombu to Aus Island. There are a total of 8 islands in Hinako Islands. Seventh other islands (Hinako, Langu, Bogi, Hamutala, Simana, Bawa and Heruanga) have their own charm and can be an additional destination for tourists visiting Asu Island