Pulau Batu is a group of 101 islands located off South Nias. With great surfing, snorkelling and fishing spots, they make a great adventure holiday destination.


Pulau Batu is a group of 101 islands located in the South Nias Regency. Often also referred to as Telo Island, which is one of the names of the islands on Pulau Batu.

With the many islands here, there are many spots of coral reefs and fishing, as well as islands that have beautiful white sand beaches. Like on the island of Sibolo, Sifika Island and Bais Island.

Pulau Batu is facing directly into the Indian Ocean and adjacent to Mentawai and Padang. There are also many surfing spots on Batu Islands, so there are some surf resorts that are often visited by foreign tourists such as Latitude Zero, Telo Island Lodge, Pinnacles, Telos 101.

Pulau - Pulau Batu can be reached using the Susi Air plane from Gunungsitoli / Padang with a flight frequency of 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) with a travel time of 45 minutes and also by using a ferry boat from Teluk Dalam Port - Pulau Telo for 6 hours .