Nestled in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Pulau Wunga features a charming lagoon perfect for swimming, and abundant coral reefs and beaches.

Pulau Wunga

Wunga Island is the outermost and foremost island in Indonesia which is on the North West side of Nias Island which is included in the North Nias Regency. On this island can be found a lagoon measuring 1.5 x 3 Km formed by the 2005 earthquake. Initially there was a strait separating the two islands, but due to rising land in the northern part of Nias, the island fused and shaped like an inverted G when viewed from Google Folder.

Even though it is directly facing the Indian Ocean, but the lagoon inside the island is very calm, so it is safe to swim. There are also coral reefs that have colorful fish with a variety of sizes and types, and white sandy beaches like marble, stretching around the lagoon.

The island can be reached in 4 hours drive (2.5 hours drive from Gunungsitoli to Afulu, and take a fishing boat from Afulu to Pulau Wunga for 1.5 hours).