Established ten generations ago by the ancestors of the Halawa clan, the Bitaha site features megaliths arranged in front of a beautiful oval-shaped traditional house.


The Bitaha Megalithic Site is the closest megalithic site only ± 55 Km away with a distance of about 1.5 hours from the center of Gunungsitoli City past the Central Nias route. This megalithic site located in the Olayama village of Huruna Subdistrict, South Nias is unique with dolmen and menhir assemblies arranged in a location with the background of a traditional Nias house with a unique oval shape in North Nias.

Menhirs found on these megalithic sites are referred to as Awina, Sahuwa and Behu. The most prominent is the standing Menhir Behu. Some are carved and some are not. The sculpted behu only forms the face and male genitalia and some are carved completely in a squatting human form.

This megalithic site has been established since 10 generations ago by the ancestors of the Halawa clan, one of the genera on Nias Island.