One of the special features of Lahusa Satua is an ancient Osa-Osa - a round seat made of stone with a deer-shaped head that was used by nobles when feasting.


This Megalithic Site of Lahusa Satua is a traditional settlement in the past that is still maintained today. This Lahusa Satua site has a larger and higher size menhirs compared to the Tetegewo and Tundrumbaho ​​megalithic sites.

On the megalithic site of Lahusa Satua there is Osa-Osa which is an ancient seat made of stone and used by nobles when holding Owasa (feast) in the past. Osa-Osa is a round seat that has a deer-shaped head or eagle. Besides Osa-Osa, you can also find traditional houses, menhirs and dolmen, as well as stone chests containing skulls that are still stored today. This skull belonged to the nobles of the past.

The megalithic site of Lahusa Satua is located in the Ulu Idanotae sub-district which can be reached within 110 km or about 3 hours drive and 30 minutes walk from Gunungsitoli City Center.

Tourist locations adjacent to the megalithic sites of Lahusa Idanotae are Helaowo Waterfall, Tundrumbaho ​​Megalithic Site, Tetegewo and Boronadu Megalithic Sites.