Tetegewo is the largest and most accessible megalithic site in South Nias, and was formerly the residence and court of the King. It has beautiful round stone tables, where noblewomen once danced.


The Tetegewo Megalithic Site is the largest and most accessible megalithic site located in South Nias. This site is located in Hilisa'oto village, Sidua'ori District, South Nias. Can be reached with a distance of 90 Km for ± 2.5 hours from Gunungsitoli or 1.5 hours drive from Teluk Dalam City Center.

The Tetegewo megalithic site stretches with a size of 100 x 15 meters and is located on a hilltop and has around 100 megalithic stones with various shapes and sizes. The Tetegewo site, which is hundreds of years old, used to be the king's residence and Orahu's place (a gathering place for meetings, parties and courts). The dolphins and menhirs on this site are formed rocks whose stones come from the Gomo river which is ± 2 km from the location and transported by human labor. One of the unique dolmen named Gowe Nilare in the form of dozens of round table-shaped stones that were used as a place to dance for noble daughters. Gowe Nilare has a gong-like sound when hit and each stone has a different sound.

Its location on the top of a hill and facing the west side is very good for photography lovers to hunt sunset. The tourist sites adjacent to the Tetegewo megalithic sites are Mondrowe waterfall, Helaowo Waterfall, Tundrumbaho ​​Megalithic Site, Megalithic Site of Lahusa Satua and Boronadu.