The Tundrumbaho ​​Megalithic Site is situated on a picturesque hilltop and boasts a characteristic collection of Nias menhirs and dolmen.


The ancestors of Nias society were formerly known as believers in Animism and Dynamism. One of them is trust in spirits and ancestral statues. Until now the legacy of the ancestral beliefs of the Nias community can be found in several megalithic sites, one of which is the Tundrumbaho ​​Megalithic Site.

This Tundrumbaho ​​Megalithic Site is not far from the megalithic site of Lahusa Satua. Located at the top of the hill with a collection of menhirs and dolmen. The location is smaller than the Tetegewo Megalithic Site, but has a characteristic with Osa-Osa (a round seat that has a larger deer or eagle-shaped head).