Mondrowe Waterfall has a height of about 18 meters and a cool lake under a waterfall, Mondrowe is the highest and most beautiful of many Nias waterfalls.


Nias Island offers many choices of diverse tourist attractions. Maybe so far many have known the stone jumping attraction in Bawomataluo , surf waves at Sorake or the beauty of Tureloto Beach , now the Go Nias Tour will invite you to enjoy the natural tourist charm of Mondrowe Waterfall located in Mondrowe Village, Sidua Ori District, South Nias Regency.

Mondrowe Waterfall has a height of approximately 18 meters, with water flow that is not too heavy so it is safe to swim. Moreover, there are a number of natural lakes beneath it with clear greenish water that can be used for swimming or just playing water.

Moreover, there are many good spots for taking photos (aka instagrammable) in the Mondrowe waterfall area so that it is a special attraction for young people or photographers who want to get good photos.

Access to the location of the waterfall is also very easy, it only takes 2 hours drive from Gunungsitoli City or 1.5 hours from Teluk Dalam. It's just that from the parking lot the vehicle needs to pass a cement staircase as high as 10 meters with a slope of about 45 degrees to reach this waterfall. The local village government has also made an information board at the intersection towards the location of the waterfall so that it is easily identified.

Visitors can buy snacks or fried foods in stalls around the waterfall sold by local residents. But don't forget to "Dispose of trash in its place" so that this waterfall area is clean and natural.

For those who want to continue the journey, the closest tourist spot of Mondrowe Waterfall is the Tetegewo Megalithic Site which is about 6 Km away. Here you can enjoy megalithic stones that are hundreds of years old, the legacy of the ancestors of Nias people in the past.