Soul Conditioning in the middle of Gunungsitoli City. "The place is quiet, near the sea, cool, beautiful and clean. Very supportive to calm the soul "


That is a glimpse of the Virgin Mary's Prayer Park, which is one of the religious attractions that must be visited before leaving Nias Island. The Prayer Park located in the village of Fodo, South Gunungsitoli District, about 6 Km from Gunungsitoli City Center towards Binaka airport. Formerly this place was known as the Bunda Beach before switching ownership.

Its location on the edge of the beach provides its own feel while in the Virgin Mary's Prayer Park. The sound of the waves and the sea breeze increasingly wash away the soul of the seeker of peace and solemnly offer prayers to the Almighty through the cross that has been provided by the manager. For those who want to pray and seek peace, it is recommended to come in the morning when there are still no visitors.

To enter this location, visitors only need to pay a donation fee of Rp. 5,000 / person (free for children). Visitors can also buy food and drinks at affordable prices in this restaurant in the Mary's Prayer Park area. So no need to bother to bring lunch from outside.

For those who come just relax, a variety of choices of activities can be done in the Virgin Mary's Prayer Park. Among other things, playing while feeding cute and tame pigeons that fly inside the park, or for those who want to get small photos can take pictures while playing mini rowing rickshaws for rent at a cost of Rp. 10,000 / rickshaw. Some of the locations within the Virgin Mary's Prayer Park are also very Instagramable so you are guaranteed to get cool photos that can be uploaded on our social media.

Even though the name is Our Lady's Prayer Park, anyone is free to come to this place. So while waiting for friends who pray, there's nothing wrong with trying some of the activities mentioned above while looking for spots for cool photos. It's guaranteed not to regret, especially for those who want to leave Nias can stop before going to the airport. It only takes 25 minutes from Our Lady's Prayer Park to Binaka Airport.

For those who want to travel to Nias, don't forget to enter the Virgin Mary's Prayer Park on your travel list