Clean, clear and uncontaminated sea water and the richness of marine life stored in the tropical ocean of Nias make snorkeling and freediving a must do activity while on Nias Island.

Pulau Wunga

There are many snorkeling locations that have beautiful coral reefs that can be found along the coast or small islands that are relatively easy to reach.

A number of Go Nias Tour guests who have enjoyed snorkeling on Nias Island say that when they snorkel at other tourist sites outside Nias Island they must queue to get a snorkel turn and they must provide bread for feeding that is not very large and has a limited time. between 30 minutes - 1 hour per group. If in Nias, you can snorkel with the Go Nias Tour as long as you want without needing to hang out and without bringing bread to be surrounded by fish because on Nias Island the fish are very numerous with various colors and sizes such as Nemo Fish, Dori Fish, Emperor fish, Regal Angelfish, Moorish Idol, Blue Ring Angel Fish, Threafin Butterflyfish, Long Nose Butterfly Fish, Clark's Anemonefish, Loongfin Bannerfish, Oriental Sweetlips, Clown  and Triggerfish. 

In some snorkeling locations, if you are lucky, you can also meet with dugongs (mermaids), turtles and dolphins that will complement the excitement of your underwater tours with the Go Nias Tour.

Snorkeling with the Go Nias Tour will be more exciting and fun because it is accompanied by experienced guides who know snorkeling spots with beautiful coral reefs, and security that is always maintained with the availability of life jackets and complete snorkeling equipment and trained guides.