The story of the discovery of waves in Lagundri and Sorake by three Australian surfers in 1975 has become a legend and an inspiration for surfers from various parts of the world.


The waves on the beach are referred to as the most perfect waves and the waves of "right handers" are consistent in Indonesia. In addition, the waves on the beach are very easy to reach from an inn at Sorake.

With the presence of Sorake and Lagundri, the surfers explored Nias to look for other waves so they found them in the Hinako Islands, Pulau - Pulau Batu and Afulu which offered a wide choice of waves and experiences to surfers.

The best time to surf in Nias is between May and September, but in certain years it can change between April to October. June to August has the biggest waves and in these months international surfing competitions in Nias are often held.

From an absolute beginner to experienced surfers, Go Nias is able to organise transportation to the perfect beach for you.