The large village of Hilimondregeraya features 130 traditional Southern-style houses stretching neatly from the village gate up into the hills.


Hilimondregeraya Village is one of the largest traditional villages in South Nias located 9 Km and with a 30-minute distance from Teluk Dalam City Center. In Hilimondregeraya village there are 130 traditional traditional houses of South Nias that line neatly from the village gate to Omo Sebua.

If you want to find a traditional village that is calm, comfortable and friendly to visitors, then Hilim Village is it. To reach this village we pass through the still green hills with a beautiful view on the left and right. One thing that was very special and memorable when visiting Hilimondregeraya village was the friendliness of the people since we got off the vehicle at the village gate until at the end of the village the stone jumping place and Omo Sebua (Raja's House) were located. Distance from the village gate to Omo Sebua ± 350 meters through village roads made of neatly arranged natural stones.  

As a traditional village, the village community enforces a regulation not to drive vehicles along village roads either to visitors or to their own village communities. On both sides of the road we can see residents and children doing their daily activities. Visitors can also visit traditional houses and interact directly with friendly and seemingly shy homeowners.

The village pattern in the village is U-shaped and in front of the Omo Sebua there are stones commonly used for stone jumping performances which are characteristic and a must see attraction in South Nias.

This Hilimondregeraya village is included in the District of Onolalu, South Nias Regency. From Gunungsitoli City Center has a distance of 128 Km or with a distance of ± 3 hours.