The centre of Nias traditional handicrafts. Many artisans in this village still practice ancient forms of wood and stone sculpture.


Lahusa Fa’u village is one of the traditional villages in Fanayama District, South Nias. The village is 30 minutes from the village of Bawomataluo. There are 65 traditional houses that still stand in this traditional village.

One of the uniqueness of the village of Lahusa Fa'u is because this village is a center of traditional handicrafts / souvenirs in the form of wood and stone sculpture in South Nias. 

  The majority of the residents of this village work as souvenir makers and sculptors. In this village can be found TolȎgu (South Nias distinctive sword), shields, Kalabubu necklaces and bracelets made of coconut shells, wooden and stone sculptures and coffin makers with typical South Nias carvings which are commonly used as a place of dwelling nobles.