Go Nias Tour serves car rentals while providing professional driver services and mastering the field in Nias. Our fleet consists of Toyota Avanza Cars, Kijang Innova and Toyota Hiace.

Car ModelRental DurationWith DriverWithout driver (release fee)
In the city (radius less 40km)Outside the city (radius greater 40km)
Avanza1 day (12 hours)Rp. 700,000Rp. 800,000Rp. 400,000
Innova1 day (12 hours)Rp. 900,000Rp. 1,000,000N/A
Toyota Hiace1 day (12 hours)Rp. 2,100,000Rp. 2,250,000N/A

• Special rentals including drivers, for excess usage time of 12 hours, it will be subject to extra charge of Rp. 40,000 / hour (cost of over time driver, maximum 3 hours. More than 3 hours is calculated as 1 day addition).

• Special rental without drivers, excess usage time of 12 hours will be charged extra charge of Rp. 25,000 / hour (maximum 2 hours, more than 2 hours is calculated as 1 day addition).