Go Nias Tour provides rental of snorkeling equipment and fins for visitors who want to enjoy underwater tours around Nias island. It is not complete if you visit Nias Island without enjoying the beauty of coral reefs and color fish. The tourists who have used the tour packages that we offer do not need to rent snorkeling equipment and fins because they are included in our tour packages.

The rental rate for a set of snorkeling equipment and fins is Rp. 40,000 / day.

Some good beaches for snorkeling and having good coral reefs are:

• Tureloto Beach, North Nias

• Asi Walo Beach, North Nias

• Pulau Wunga, North Nias

• Serambau Island, North Nias

• Asu Island and its surroundings, West Nias

• Onolimbu Island and its surroundings, Nias Regency

• Pulau- Pulau Batu, South Nias